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  6000 - Academics & Instruction
6600 - Course of Study

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Board Policy
BP 6600Course of Studyrev. v 3.0BP 6600 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 5127High School Graduation Diploma Requirementsrev. v 11.0Reg 5127 Links
Reg 6600The Gateway Curriculumrev. v1.0Reg 6600 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 6210Delayed Graduationrev. V 3.0AP 6210 Links
AP 6211Early Graduaterev. V 3.0AP 6211 Links
AP 6212Fifth-Year Graduatesrev. v 6.0AP 6212 Links
AP 6213Diploma Datesrev. v 4.0AP 6213 Links
AP 6215General Educational Development Exam - GEDrev. V 2.0AP 6215 Links
AP 6222Early Promotion to High Schoolrev. V 3.0AP 6222 Links
AP 6224Incoming 9th Gradersrev. V 4.0AP 6224 Links
AP 6226Eighteen-Year Old Student Enrollmentrev. v 4.0AP 6226 Links
AP 6265Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Courses 3-4 & 5-6rev. v2.1AP 6265 Links
AP 6268Dropping Programsrev. v3.0AP 6268 Links
AP 6271North Star Online School - Middle Schoolrev. v3.0AP 6271 Links
AP 6272North Star Online School - Elementary Schoolrev. v3.0AP 6272 Links
AP 6273CBI Credit Recovery Teacher Guiderev. v1.0AP 6273 Links
AP 6312Academic Load Requirementrev. v 4.0AP 6312 Links
AP 6313Taking Class for Auditrev. v5AP 6313 Links
AP 6314Credit Exceptionsrev. v4.0AP 6314 Links
AP 6318Courses Approved for Credit Through Credit by Examrev. v1.0AP 6318 Links
AP 6327Orientation for a Distance Education Programrev. v3.0AP 6327 Links
AP 6407Courses Approved For Credit Through A Mastery Examrev. v2.0AP 6407 Links
AP 6630Arts/Humanities Credit - High Schoolrev. v 2.0AP 6630 Links
AP 6632Health Credit - High Schoolrev. v 3.0AP 6632 Links
AP 6633HSROTC - High Schoolrev. v 5.0AP 6633 Links
AP 6635Social Studiesrev. v 2.1AP 6635 Links
AP 6636Supervised Curriculum PE - High Schoolrev. v 4.0AP 6636 Links
AP 6637Advanced Placementrev. v6AP 6637 Links
AP 6638Honors Coursesrev. v 3.0AP 6638 Links
AP 6645Creating a New Courserev. v 2.0AP 6645 Links
AP 6647Career & Technology Education - Tech Prep Retroactive Creditrev. v 2.0AP 6647 Links
AP 6649Science Creditrev. v5AP 6649 Links
AP 6651Physical Education Options - High Schoolrev. v 2.0AP 6651 Links
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