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Student Health Services

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
HEA-P120Health Assessment and Other Screeningrev. v1HEA-P120 Links
HEA-P1250Management of Head Lice in Schoolsrev. v1HEA-P1250 Links
HEA-P201Administration of Diastatrev. v3HEA-P201 Links
HEA-W902Immunization Exemption For Religious Reasonsrev. v2HEA-W902 Links
HEA-W904Immunization Requirements for School Entryrev. v2HEA-W904 Links
HEA-F100Diabetes Management Log/Refer to Diabetes Delegation Planrev. 5/01/2014HEA-F100 Links
HEA-F103Student Vision Referralrev. vBHEA-F103 Links
HEA-F103-spStudent Vision Referral - Spanishrev. Rev CHEA-F103-sp Links
HEA-F110Independent Diabetes Consent and Requestrev. v 2.0HEA-F110 Links
HEA-F1201Communicable Disease Exclusion Noticerev. Rev CHEA-F1201 Links
HEA-F121Licensed Health Care Provider Diabetes Ordersrev. v3HEA-F121 Links
HEA-F125Parent Notification of Height and Weight Surveyrev. v1HEA-F125 Links
HEA-F151Confidential Bus Health Care Planrev. Rev AHEA-F151 Links
HEA-F160Hearing Loss - Confidential Health Informationrev. Rev AHEA-F160 Links
HEA-F205Consent and Request for Medication Assistance During School Hoursrev. Rev FHEA-F205 Links
HEA-F206Consent and Request for Allergy / Anaphylaxis Medicationrev. Rev CHEA-F206 Links
HEA-F220Consent and Request for Administration of Intranasal Versed (Midazolam)rev. Rev BHEA-F220 Links
HEA-F401Consent and Request for Catheterization and Care During School Hoursrev. Rev CHEA-F401 Links
HEA-F404School Nurse Skills Training - Vagus Nerve Stimulationrev. Rev AHEA-F404 Links
HEA-F410Licensed Health Care Provider Orders for Enteral Nutrition/Hydrationrev. Rev BHEA-F410 Links
HEA-F503Emergency Disposition Logrev. Rev CHEA-F503 Links
HEA-F603Parent Report of Student Health, Developmental, and Social Historyrev. Rev BHEA-F603 Links
HEA-F603-spParent Report of Student Health, Developmental, and Social History - Spanishrev. Rev AHEA-F603-sp Links
HEA-F605School Nurse Review of Student Health Recordrev. Rev DHEA-F605 Links
HEA-F701School Nurse Mentor Site Visit Guiderev. Rev BHEA-F701 Links
HEA-F702New School Nurse Skills Checklistrev. Rev AHEA-F702 Links
HEA-G1230Infection Control Guidelines for Students Who Use Medical Devices on WCSD Propertyrev. v 2.0HEA-G1230 Links
HEa-M600Management of Students with Food Anaphylaxisrev. v2HEa-M600 Links
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