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  3000 - Business and Finance
Accounts Payable - Receivable

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
AP-P002Encumbrances Year End Procedurerev. BAP-P002 Links
AP-P003Mileage, Expense Reports and Other Non-Encumbered Paymentsrev. BAP-P003 Links
AP-P004Accounts Payable Check Processing Procedurerev. CAP-P004 Links
AP-P005Vendor Account Maintenance Procedurerev. CAP-P005 Links
AP-P006Non-Routine Expense Proceduresrev. CAP-P006 Links
AP-P009Purchasing Card Issuancerev. CAP-P009 Links
AP-P011Voiding Accounts Payable Checks Procedurerev. BAP-P011 Links
AP-P012Business Office Requisition Approval Procedurerev. BAP-P012 Links
AP-P013Travel / Expense Claim Procedurerev. CAP-P013 Links
AP-P014Matching Accounts Payable Check Run Procedurerev. AAP-P014 Links
AP-P015Import Purchasing Card Charges to Accounts Payable Procedurerev. AAP-P015 Links
AP-P017Stale Dated Checksrev. AAP-P017 Links
AP-W001Encumbered Payments Work Instructionrev. BAP-W001 Links
AP-W002Mileage, Expense Reports, and Other Non-Encumbered Payments Work Instructionrev. BAP-W002 Links
AP-W004Payroll Check Sorting Distribution Work Instructionrev. BAP-W004 Links
AP-W005Vendor Account Maintenance Work Instructionrev. BAP-W005 Links
AR-P001Cash Receipts Procedurerev. CAR-P001 Links
AR-P002Accounts Receivable Invoicing Procedurerev. v 2.0AR-P002 Links
AR-P003Accounts Receivable Returned Checks Procedurerev. v 2.0AR-P003 Links
AP-F001Check Request Formrev. EAP-F001 Links
AP-F004Credit Card Issuance Formrev. BAP-F004 Links
AP-F006AIndependent Contract Agreement Justificationrev. v 17AP-F006A Links
AP-F006BIndependent Contract Agreementrev. v 16AP-F006B Links
AP-F007Independent Contractor Agreement Revision Requestrev. BAP-F007 Links
AP-F009Purchasing Card Enrollment Formrev. AAP-F009 Links
AP-F010Employee Cardholder Agreementrev. BAP-F010 Links
AP-F011Department Cardholder Agreementrev. BAP-F011 Links
AP-F012P-Card - District Employee Agreementrev. BAP-F012 Links
AP-F013Statement of Lost or Missing Pcard Receiptrev. AAP-F013 Links
AP-F014Purchasing Card Log (Excel)rev. AAP-F014 Links
AP-F015Authorization Agreement for Automatic Depositrev. AAP-F015 Links
AP-F016PCard Increase Approval Formrev. CAP-F016 Links
AP-F017Non-Employee ACH Authorizationrev. AAP-F017 Links
AR-F002Cash Receipts Logrev. AAR-F002 Links
AP-M001Purchasing Card Program Procedures Manualrev. DAP-M001 Links
AP-M002ControlPay User Guiderev. EAP-M002 Links
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