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AI-P009  (Get Link)  Bank Statement Reconciliation
AP 1221  (Get Link)  Agenda Approval and Posting Procedures for Meetings of Committees of the Board of Trustees
AP 1225  (Get Link)  Ad Hoc Calendar Committee Operating Procedures
AP 1230  (Get Link)  Blackboard Connect (Connect Ed) Guidelines
AP 1605  (Get Link)  Student Participation in Media Requests
AP 1710  (Get Link)  Reno-Gazette Journal - School Zone Article
AP 3341  (Get Link)  Request for Quotation ("RFQ") Procedure
AP 4520  (Get Link)  Position Analysis - New Job Description
AP 5011  (Get Link)  Release of Records to Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Than School Police
AP 5012  (Get Link)  Temporary Protection Order, Order of Protection, Restraining Order, Order of Custody,
AP 5050  (Get Link)  Class Record Book Procedures
AP 5051  (Get Link)  Cumulative Folder Procedures
AP 5052  (Get Link)  Student Enrollment Count for Apportionment Purposes (Preparation and Implementation)
AP 5101  (Get Link)  Guidelines for Regulating Student Speech Through Clothing
AP 5110  (Get Link)  Behavior Intervention Records in Infinite Campus
AP 5125  (Get Link)  Student Identification Cards
AP 5401  (Get Link)  DMV Certification of Attendance
AP 5410  (Get Link)  Taking Attendance in Distance Education Courses
AP 5420  (Get Link)  Attendance of Children in Transition
AP 5421  (Get Link)  Attendance Summary Reports
AP 5422  (Get Link)  Kindergarten Attendance
AP 5500  (Get Link)  Academic Grading Policy - Elementary School
AP 5501  (Get Link)  Academic Grading Policy - Middle School
AP 5502  (Get Link)  Academic Grading Policy - High School
AP 5503  (Get Link)  Academic Grading Policy - Standards Referenced
AP 5504  (Get Link)  Grading: Incompletes / Appeals
AP 5505  (Get Link)  Repeated Courses
AP 5506  (Get Link)  Withholding of Grades
AP 5511  (Get Link)  Ranking/Recognition (7th & 8th Semester)
AP 5512  (Get Link)  Millennium Scholarship
AP 5513  (Get Link)  Non-Graduate Students Seeking A Diploma
AP 5514  (Get Link)  Transcript Dates and Posting
AP 5515  (Get Link)  Transcript Evaluation
AP 5516  (Get Link)  Transcript Production
AP 5517  (Get Link)  Veteran's High School Diploma
AP 5518  (Get Link)  Credit Deficient Students
AP 5540  (Get Link)  Promotion to High School
AP 5612  (Get Link)  Release of Records to Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Than WCSD School Police
AP 6120  (Get Link)  Job Training (Formerly "Work Experience Credit")
AP 6130  (Get Link)  Job Experience & Training Credit (Formerly Work Experience Credt)
AP 6131  (Get Link)  Washoe Innovations High School Job Training (Formerly Work Experience)
AP 6210  (Get Link)  Delayed Graduation
AP 6211  (Get Link)  Early Graduate
AP 6212  (Get Link)  Fifth-Year Graduates
AP 6213  (Get Link)  Diploma Dates
AP 6214  (Get Link)  Diploma Types
AP 6215  (Get Link)  General Educational Development Exam - GED
AP 6220  (Get Link)  Age of Majority (18 Years Old)
AP 6222  (Get Link)  Early Promotion to High School
AP 6223  (Get Link)  Home School Student Enrollment in a District Class or Program
AP 6224  (Get Link)  Incoming 9th Graders
AP 6225  (Get Link)  Charter School Student Enrollment in District Class or Program
AP 6226  (Get Link)  Eighteen-Year Old Student Enrollment
AP 6228  (Get Link)  Extended Time Between School Enrollments
AP 6229  (Get Link)  Grade Level Classification
AP 6230  (Get Link)  Concurrently Enrolled Students
AP 6231  (Get Link)  Late Entry
AP 6232  (Get Link)  Student Returning From Studying Abroad
AP 6233  (Get Link)  In-District Transfer-20 Days or Less Remaining in Semester
AP 6234  (Get Link)  Private School Enrollment in District Classes
AP 6235  (Get Link)  Retention of 8th Grade Students
AP 6236  (Get Link)  Student Enrollment
AP 6237  (Get Link)  Taking High School Courses on the Middle School Campus
AP 6238  (Get Link)  Withdrawal From Class-High School
AP 6240  (Get Link)  Denial of Consent for Media release
AP 6241  (Get Link)  Posting of Grades
AP 6246  (Get Link)  Age of Entrance-Elementary School
AP 6260  (Get Link)  Student Aide/Assistant Credit
AP 6261  (Get Link)  Credit for Enrichment/Intervention Periods-High School
AP 6262  (Get Link)  Physical Education ("PE") Waiver
AP 6264  (Get Link)  North Star Online High School
AP 6265  (Get Link)  Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Courses 3-4 & 5-6
AP 6268  (Get Link)  Dropping Programs
AP 6270  (Get Link)  Alternative Means of Earning Credit
AP 6271  (Get Link)  North Star Online School - Middle School
AP 6272  (Get Link)  North Star Online School - Elementary School
AP 6273  (Get Link)  CBI Credit Recovery Teacher Guide
AP 6274  (Get Link)  Computer Based Instruction (CBI) Course/Programs (PLATO)
AP 6302  (Get Link)  Mathematics Credit - High School
AP 6303  (Get Link)  Mathematics Credit - Middle School
AP 6310  (Get Link)  Earning Credit
AP 6311  (Get Link)  Credit by Exam
AP 6312  (Get Link)  Academic Load Requirement
AP 6313  (Get Link)  Taking Class for Audit
AP 6314  (Get Link)  Credit Exceptions
AP 6315  (Get Link)  Dual Credit
AP 6318  (Get Link)  Courses Approved for Credit Through Credit by Exam
AP 6326  (Get Link)  Enrollment in A+ or PLATO Courses
AP 6327  (Get Link)  Orientation for a Distance Education Program
AP 6328  (Get Link)  A+ Courses
AP 6328A  (Get Link)  A+ Courses - Addendum A
AP 6333  (Get Link)  GradPoint
AP 6333A  (Get Link)  GradPoint Approved Courses
AP 6405  (Get Link)  Final Test Guidelines: High School and Middle School
AP 6406  (Get Link)  Recovering Credit Through A Mastery Exam
AP 6407  (Get Link)  Courses Approved For Credit Through A Mastery Exam
AP 6420  (Get Link)  Extended Vacation/Trip
AP 6610  (Get Link)  Enrolling Speech Only Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Students
AP 6620  (Get Link)  Grading: Comprehensive Life Skills/Strategies Classes
AP 6630  (Get Link)  Arts/Humanities Credit - High School
AP 6632  (Get Link)  Health Credit - High School
AP 6633  (Get Link)  HSROTC - High School
AP 6634  (Get Link)  Master Course File
AP 6635  (Get Link)  Social Studies
AP 6636  (Get Link)  Supervised Curriculum PE - High School
AP 6637  (Get Link)  Advanced Placement
AP 6638  (Get Link)  Honors Courses
AP 6639  (Get Link)  Music Honors Credit
AP 6641  (Get Link)  Participation in Graduation Ceremony
AP 6642  (Get Link)  Plagiarism and Cheating Prohibited
AP 6645  (Get Link)  Creating a New Course
AP 6646  (Get Link)  Grades 6-12,WCSD Recommended Pathways to Advanced Mathematics
AP 6647  (Get Link)  Career & Technology Education - Tech Prep Retroactive Credit
AP 6648  (Get Link)  Career and Technical Education Endorsement
AP 6649  (Get Link)  Science Credit
AP 6651  (Get Link)  Physical Education Options - High School
AP 6705  (Get Link)  Earning Credit for High School English Learner Courses
AP 6706  (Get Link)  Earning Credit for Middle School English Language Courses
AP 6707  (Get Link)  Credit Deficient and Age 18+ English Learners
AP 6708  (Get Link)  Placement of English Learners in High School Courses
AP 6709  (Get Link)  Placement of English Learners in Middle School Courses
AP 6710  (Get Link)  Late Entry English Learners (Middle & High School)
AP 6711  (Get Link)  Initial Registration and Assessment of Incoming and Newcomer English Learners (Middle & High School)
AP 6712  (Get Link)  Initial Assessment of Newcomers/Incoming ELLs-Middle School
AP 6713  (Get Link)  Incoming Credit Deficient ELLS (Including 18 year-old and older ELLs)
AP 6714  (Get Link)  Secondary Newcomer English Learners' Services
AP 6716  (Get Link)  Identification, Assessment, and Eligibility for English Learner Courses
AP 6717  (Get Link)  Middle School ELL Transition to High School
AP 6719  (Get Link)  English Learner Tier I -Elementary Program Implementation
AP 6720  (Get Link)  English Learner Student Scheduling at Elementary School Sites
AP 6730  (Get Link)  Two-Way Immersion Program
AP 7120  (Get Link)  Facility Use Application Terms & Conditions
AP 7152  (Get Link)  Site Facility Coordinator Responsibilities - Non-School Days
AP 7225  (Get Link)  Guest Wireless Network - Staff Access
AP 7230  (Get Link)  Information Technology - Account Management
AP 7231  (Get Link)  Information Technology - Account Management Department Procedure
AP 7241  (Get Link)  Website Content Management
AP 7262  (Get Link)  Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Formerly IT-P005)
AP 7325  (Get Link)  Children and Pets at Worksite and on Fieldtrips
AP 7330  (Get Link)  Animals on School Grounds
AP 7335  (Get Link)  Hot Air Baloons, Helicopters, Model Rocketry and Pyrotechnics
AP 7340  (Get Link)  Renting a Vehicle While on District Business
AP 7345  (Get Link)  Prohibited Activities on District Property
AP 7346  (Get Link)  Non-Staff Riding Buses
HEA-P120  (Get Link)  Health Assessment and Other Screening
HEA-P1250  (Get Link)  Management of Head Lice in Schools
HEA-P201  (Get Link)  Administration of Diastat
HEA-W902  (Get Link)  Immunization Exemption For Religious Reasons
HEA-W904  (Get Link)  Immunization Requirements for School Entry
HKO-G300  (Get Link)  Elementary Site Facility Coordinator Daily Duties
HKO-G302  (Get Link)  Site Facilities Coordinator Responsibilities
HKO-G304  (Get Link)  Custodian Daily Duties
HKO-G305  (Get Link)  Site Facility Coordinator Maintenance/Safety Responsibilities
HKO-G315  (Get Link)  High School Site Facility Coordinators Daily Duties
HKO-G316  (Get Link)  Lead Custodian Daily Duties
HKO-P201  (Get Link)  Sewer Back-Up (Category 3) Remediation Procedure
HKO-W201  (Get Link)  Process Cleaning for Health - SFO and Lead Custodian
HR-P007  (Get Link)  Verification of Experience
WCK-P030  (Get Link)  Processing Worker's Compensation Claims
WCK-P031  (Get Link)  Wage Verification - Worker's Compensation Claims
WCK-P032  (Get Link)  Waiver of Premium Notification
WCK-P034  (Get Link)  Site Filing for Worker’s Compensation Claim
WCK-p035  (Get Link)  OSHA Posting Requirement
WCK-P036  (Get Link)  Appeals of Worker's Compensation
WCK-P037  (Get Link)  Light Duty / Modified Return to Work
WCK-P039  (Get Link)  Worker's Compensation Audit

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